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Your personal chef: cooking classes and catering in Siena


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Outstanding Experience!

One of our most memorable experiences during our 2 week visit! Alessandro was so accommodating and welcoming--we were a group of 3 adults and 7 (!) children, and he did a terrific job of empowering the children and providing tasks they could accomplish. We first went on a truffle hunt with Rocky the dog, then all worked together to make pasta and chocolate cake. It was delicious and the atmosphere in Alessandro's kitchen is perfect. Grazie!

Heidi - Feb 03, 2021

Amazing dinner and experience

Chef Alessandro came to our villa to make us a private dinner for a birthday celebration. He was so helpful and responsive throughout the planning of the event, and was even able to make some menu adjustments for our dietary requirements. The dinner was totally delicious - four courses all made from scratch in our kitchen, the cooking was absolutely amazing! We would highly recommend this wonderful experience. Thank you Alessandro - we can't wait to see you again!

Julia Davison - Sep 09, 2020


The food was amazing and was a very enjoyable evening

James Gibbons - Sep 01, 2020

Fantastic Olive Oil and Cooking Experience

My husband and I spent an afternoon in Montisi first learning more about the process of making olive oil from a local oil farmer. Alessandro then customised a class for us based on cooking with the same olive oil. It was fascinating and we truly enjoyed our time with him. The time (and the wine) flew by and we left feeling like we had not only gained knowledge, and improved our pasta making skills, but also that we had made a new friend. I highly recommend this experience!

Varsha Shankar-Heint - Aug 18, 2020

A Taste of Tuscany

We just came back from a holiday in Tuscany where taking a cooking class was a high priority for me. After looking at several classes on the web we selected the "Tuscan Chef" as the one we thought looked best. It was a very good decision. Alessandro takes a somewhat modern approach to classic dishes of the region and taught us with patience and clearly a lot of experience. He also has a great sense of wit which made the time spent that much more enjoyable. If I had one regret it would be that we couldn't have taken more classes. Grazie Milli Chef!

Michael Godin - Oct 22, 2019

Thank you Alessandro, Lorenzo, Elisabetta, and Luca!

Thank you all again for the amazing meals you prepared for us. Coming home each night to our Villa, with wonderful smells of foods being prepared, was awesome! Alessandro worked with me prior to our trip, preparing a 7 night - 4 course menu for each night, and it was delicious and perfect! His recommendations were excellent! It was a perfect experience having everything prepared for us each night - I would highly recommend it! Having each evening to eat, drink wine, and visit in the comfort of our 'home' for the week was everyone's favorite part of visiting Tuscany!

Denise Courter - Oct 15, 2019

I want to thank you again for the amazing meals you prepared for us. It was not only the amazing taste but also how everything looked and smelled incredible. The whole experience of you being and preparing everything in the villa was just a once in a life time and we wanted to again say thank you. I will definitely recommend on the experience with any one who will visit the area . Regards and best wishes

Lior - Oct 14, 2019

A fabulous day in Tuscant

We had the most wonderful day in Tuscany with Alessandro; first truffle hunting and then learning how to cook, Tuscan style. He was so patient and kind and professional. To watch the dogs find truffles for our lunch was so exciting and we learned so much about the world of white truffles. And our meal that we all cooked was delicious - I can hardly wait to prepare all of the courses for our friends. It was an experience not to be missed!

daphne - Oct 10, 2019

Review of cooking class

Alessandro's class was a GREAT experience. His location in Montisi is intimate but fully equipped. We joined 5 others to make a ricotta soufflé with saffron, pumpkin ravioli, guinea fowl with caramelized onions and a wonderful mascarpone soufflé with caramel sauce. We started at 4 PM and the entire meal was ready to be shared by 7 PM. Alessandro is an excellent teacher - he provided a quick overview of each menu item and then skillfully combined a demonstration with hands on preparation. I believe all 7 of us came away with an understanding of how to make each dish again. He suggested substitutions that we can find in our U.S. market for some of the traditional Italian ingredients. Part of our class were couples that enjoy cooking together. This was not our case. However Alessandro offers a flexible plan that worked beautifully. Two of us took the 3 hour class and our husbands joined in the dinner for half price. Great solution for everyone. This was a fun and interesting cooking class and a memorable part of our holiday in Tuscany. The bonus is that I have learned recipes and techniques that I will duplicate at home and relive the memories of a wonderful trip. I would highly recommend it as an enhancement to your Tuscan vacation.

Diana Threatte - Oct 09, 2019

cooking class and truffle hunt

Undeniably the best experience of our vacation! A great professional who with his expertise taught us that we could also accomplish great meals. He made it a simple hands on lesson with outstanding results! The truffle hunt was beyond our expectations and cooking with them after was just a bonus.

Paul Coppenrath - Oct 08, 2019

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