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Your personal chef: cooking classes and catering in Siena


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Chianti Country Cooking

What a special treat for my friends and me on our last night together at the villa! You brought everything needed and were so patient as we fumbled our way through the preparation of a fantastic four course meal. For me this shares the top spot with our scooter tour for the favorite memories from our stay in Tuscany. Now, when we all get together to reminisce, we can fix another fabulous meal using your recipes and expertise.

Eric Stewart - Jul 06, 2018

Enzo Bianchi

Alessandro, it was a really pleasant experience for our family enjoying your excellent cooking and your company during our stay at Villa Allegra in Sovicille, Siena. The carrot sformato was exquisite, the fresh pappardelle with cinghiale delicious and the almond lemon cake a fine ending. Many thanks for a wonderful time.

Enzo Bianchi - Jul 02, 2018

Professor Emerita

Thank you for a very memorablle birthday dinner. My husband gave me the perfect gift! And since we have made some of your recipes at home with rave reviews from our company. Lovely memories!,

Annaliese Bischoff - Jul 02, 2018

Visitor to Montisi

Alessandro, it was a pleasure meeting you and enjoying your wonderful meals in our stay in Montisi with Carolyn and Don. Thank you. Jim and Marilyn

Jim Wallace - Jun 15, 2018

Hello, I wanted to thank Chef Eleonora and Daniela for the wonderful cooking class at Podere Monti. It was a gift for our dear friend and it was a truly great experience. Chef Eleonora was fun, patient and a great teacher. The food was exquisite, especially the Roast Duck porchetta style it was truly delicious, unforgettable. They made our stay at the Podere very special. Thank you!

Elena - Jun 12, 2018

magical evening

Dear Chef Alessandro, What a magical evening we spent with our family last night enjoying Chef Eleonora’s wonderful meal. Preparing the dinner with her was so much fun, and everyone came in the kitchen occasionally to check on our progress. The attention she paid to our specific special dietary requests was appreciated so much! Please thank her again for being so delightful and for helping to make our Anniversary dinner a memory we will all share forever. Thanking you both once again, Claudia and Tom

- Jun 08, 2018

Buno Gusto !

We joined Allesandro for two days - first a visit to the Montepulchiano market and lunch preperation and then for dinner then next day. Only a 20 minute very scenic drive from Pienza. We greatly enjoyed our time with Allesandro preparing wonderful yet practical dishes. Montisi is a beautiful small town and the Little Kitchen is an excellent and well equiped facility. We have been to many cooking classes and the Tuscan Chef is at the top of the list. We highly recommend Alessandro for anyone who is interested in a fun afternoon / evening or morning learning to cook Tuscan food in a wonderful setting. Larry and Michelle.

Larry and Michelle H - Jun 02, 2018

Just what I wanted

We were in Tuscany and hired Allesandro for a cooking class. He was so great. Nice, professional, fun, knowledgeable. The food we made was delicious! I\'m a cook, but I also learned things I did not know. This class was one of the highlights of our trip to Tuscany. I will always recommend the Tuscan Chef!!! Darlene - May 24, 2018

Darlene - May 25, 2018

Excellent Cooking Class Experience!

We booked in a 4 course cooking class while on our honeymoon in Tuscany and it absolutely exceeded our expectations. Alessandro was friendly, professional and knowledgable. The food we made was delicious, we went home with recipes and our own little aprons (such a nice touch). Highly recommend!

Monique - May 22, 2018

An amazing experience we will never forget!

We simply loved our cooking class with Chef Piccinini! He met us in the morning at the market in Montepulciano and taught us about many of the unique ingredients for sale. From there we developed a menu on the fly. Later that afternoon he showed up, ingredients in tow and aprons for all of us to wear (we also got to keep them!). Course by course we were taught how to properly prepare dishes like Asparagus Risotto, Salted Sea Bass (AMAZING!) and Monk’s Beard salad, a local favorite. He was patient and very fun to be around. We all felt right at ease and we can’t wait to see him on our next trip to Tuscany.

Kawika Valentine - May 09, 2018

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