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Your personal chef: cooking classes and catering in Siena


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Best duck ever!!

This was truly a highlight of our entire trip to Italy. Chef Elizabetta (who was absolutely delightful!) came out to our rented villa just outside of Montisi and took my family of 7 on an unforgettable four + hour culinary journey through Tuscan cuisine. We all found her to be exceptionally knowledgable and also extremely patient....even my four and five year old were able to participate in the meal prep! Every course was delectable, but the roast duck was hands-down the most deliciously divine duck any of us had ever experienced. There wasn't a morsel of meat left when we were done! Trust will not regret booking a cooking course with this company. We only wish we had more time so we could have her over again. :)

Teri Stein - Jun 11, 2019

Cooking School Attendee :)

My best friend planned this event and to be honest, I was doing it because she wanted to do it. :) I have to say - I would do this again and we even talked about doing another class when we were there. It was a blast! I am not even a cook and I have already made the Chicken Picatta since coming home. Also, I felt like the pricing for the event was VERY reasonable for the overall experience and fantastic food! If you are looking for taking a bit of Italy home, this is a great way to do that! Michelle

Michelle Marquis - Jun 04, 2019


We had a wonderful day with Lorenzo. He is very good to work with, patient and efficient and a good teacher. We really enjoyed it. We were sorry we did not have an opportunity to meet you Alessandro. Thank Lorenzo for such a nice day.

Noelene - May 23, 2019


We had a wonderful afternoon cooking with Lorenzo, and a fabulous evening eating the results

Catherine Brown - May 21, 2019


We had 2 delicious evenings with the Tuscan chef ... a cooking class and also a formal dinner - every single they made for us was delicious! They were super nice, fabulous ingredients and cleaned up! Best, ruth

Ruth Maurandy - May 13, 2019

Tuscan Chef - Beautiful food, beautifully done

We had Tuscan Chef at recent hen do. The food was amazing. Very simply done, so simply that there was nowhere to hide. Each dish was fully explained, and the service was quiet, yet assured and professional. He really helped make the hen do a very special occasion.

Sarah - May 13, 2019

Great Cooking night with Lorenzo

We had a group of 8 and Lorenzo did a great job working with all of us. The meal we made rivalled any we ate in restaurants in Italy. We highly recommend the Tuscan Chef classes. We'll be booking again next year! Thanks Alessandro and Lorenzo!

Keray Robirtis - May 13, 2019

Director of Client Services

We LOVED everything about Chef Lorenzo's dinner and would recommend this to friends staying in the Siena area.

Marcela Aranha - May 08, 2019


The Tuscan Chef cooking class was one of the most memorable experiences of vacation in Tuscany! From the shopping at the market for ingredients to kneading the ravioli dough to perfection and the sit down dinner, chef Alessandro had everything beautifully organized. He shared all of his "secrets" to creating a delicious and authentic Tuscan meal!

Laurie Springer - May 04, 2019


Alessandro was absolutely wonderful in his instruction and so much fun to work with. I had such a great time in the class and the food was delicious.

Elisa Chaney - Apr 18, 2019

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