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Your personal chef: cooking classes and catering in Siena


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Fabulous food and a fun time

Recently, a group of 9 friends attended a cooking class with Chef Alessandro. We made a wonderful meal of braised beef, handmade pici with aglione sauce, spinach flan and panna cotta with strawberry sauce. It was a good time cooking with him and especially rolling out the pici. The next night, he came to our villa and cooked a wonderful meal for the 16 of us. We enjoyed our experiences with Chef Alessandro a great deal and would recommend him highly.

Monica Radakovich - Jun 13, 2014

Wonderful meals.

We rented a villa in Trequanda and asked Chef Alessandro to make us a fish dinner one night. It was amazingly good. It was tons of fun watching him make the ravioli. He is lots of fun to watch and talk with. He is a natural performer. And then we got to eat. The ravioli had white fish and potatoes inside and was topped with the best calamari I have ever had. The ravioli was certainly the best pasta dish I have ever tasted. Everything else was good a also, but the ravioli was divine. That was so good we invited Alessandro back 2 days later. The ravioli was pear. Once again it was wonderful. The 1st course was an artichoke flan. OMG. I want to come back and have him fix a meat meal! The man has great talent.

Gene Hart - Mar 14, 2014

It was superb

We had the pleasure of hiring chef Alessandro to give a short cooking lesson in the spring of 2013 when we rented a farmhouse outside Bagno Vignoni. He was so good, knowledgeable and personable that we invited him back three more times! He provided interesting menus, spent around four hours with us and shared his recipes. The value for the lesson and quality meal was superb.

Diane and Paul - Jan 07, 2014

Thank you

It was a great experience - The kids enjoyed it and we had a delicious dinner on both occasions. Enjoy the eat of summer. Regards

Sharlene - Jul 10, 2013

Authentically Delicious

For one week in September 2012 I had the pleasure of having Alessandro as my personal chef (well, as part of a group of painters). His food was delectable and fresh and, as I sat down to eat, made me feel as though I had had the pleasure of shopping in the wonderful Italian markets that dot the landscape of Tuscany. I have tried two of the recipes on his app and they are easy to use with clear instructions and relatively simple ingredient lists. Even if I can't get pecorino cheese that is quite as good as that in Tuscany, the finished dishes do transport me back to the hill towns that I enjoy so much. Grazie mille.

Ginny - Jun 09, 2013


While staying in La Casa dei Fiordalisi in Trequanda, Allessandro prepared a number of marvelous dinners for our group. He also conducted a cooking class for us - thoroughly enjoyable, and in addition to learning a LOT, he provided copies of the recipes! This site has several dishes we enjoyed - the asparagus salad, the chicken, the pork roast with apples...Thank you, Chef!

Trudy Gallo - May 13, 2013


Allessandro prepared meals for us recently in Trequando. He is amazing in the originality of his recipes. He was also fun to work with. I highly recommend him.

Donaruth - May 11, 2013

A wonderful man and chef

Wonderful chef, wonderful company. We had this chef cook for us in Tuscany. A wonderful man and chef. Recipes are delicious and easy to understand. Highly recommend.

D. Blasseter - Apr 14, 2013

His gnocchi is outstanding!

I have met Alessandro, eaten his food and had several cooking lessons from him. He is engaging, knowledgeable and very professional. His recipes are carefully constructed with detailed instructions to be helpful to novices in Italian cooking. He carefully chooses recipes that have broad appeal, capture the unique Italian cuisine and are reasonably easy to construct. I particularly liked the almond cake. I watched him make it in Italy and came right back and made one myself with his recipe and it was just the same…and delicious. His gnocchi is outstanding!

Judy (Saluda, NC) - Jan 04, 2013


We highly recommend this great experience. Chef Alessandro is professional but relaxed making five course menu effortless and fun with everyone hands on. Not to be missed.

The Polson family - Dec 26, 2012

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