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Your personal chef: cooking classes and catering in Siena

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Our cuisine is simple and deep-rooted in Tuscan tradition

My name is Alessandro and I was born in Rome, but grown up in Siena. I moved to Montalcino where I opened my first restaurant (La locanda di Piazza Padella) with a friend of mine in 1999. In that year I started working in the kitchen with our chef who encouraged my passion for the food and the cooking. When he left I kept on managing the kitchen by myself. In 2002 I split up with my business partner and open a new restaurant "Il Camarlengo" in Castelmuzio (little village 10 km from Pienza, close to Montisi where I am still living). I ran "Il Camarlengo" until the end of 2006. From that moment I decided I took a rest from the kitchen for a couple of years, but in October 2008 I started a new activity as private chef. In 2011, the company took the name of Tuscan Chef and since I was so well supported by my clients, from 2016 there are other chefs working with me.

Chef Lorenzo, graduated in Florence with the title of Professional Chef, immediately after graduating he left Italy and start working in Germany, Great Britain and then back to Italy, doing many experiences that brought him to work in Michelin starred restaurants, Six Star Cruise Lines and Five Star Hotels.

Chef Elisabetta, always passionate about cooking, after managing her bookshop / cafe for a few years, where she refined her skills as a versatile and enterprising cook with experience in the field, today she has finally decided to completely embrace the role of chef joining the Tuscan Chef team

From September 2017, I have a spot called Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen where to run cooking classes. It's situated in Montisi, a small hilltop village near Siena.

Our cuisine is based on fresh ingredients, as much as possible local and organic and according with the seasons. It is simple and deep-rooted in Tuscan tradition with some exceptions from other Italian regions and contemporary cuisine. It is a combination of tradition and innovation and is based on a deep knowledge of the techniques and the ingredients typical of Italian cooking.

Daniela, Consuelo and Luca complement our team.

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