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Il tuo personal chef: corsi di cucina e catering a Siena


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Great food, great fun!

Taking a cooking class in Italy has been on my \"bucket list\" for years. Alessandro did not disappoint! My daughter, sister-in-law and I were staying in a small villa near San Giovanni D\'Asso. Alessandro came to our villa for the class and did an admirable job in the tiny kitchen. We are all experienced cooks but we learned some new techniques and had great fun in the process. Thank you, Alessandro!

Linda - Nov 01, 2014

Fabulous Birthday Treat

Alessandro came to our holiday house near Montisi and taught us how to cook an authentic 4 course, regional meal. No mean feat with 2 teenagers and a man who has never cooked a full meal himself! We all learnt lots and can\'t wait to take the recipes home to remind us of our Tuscan holiday. Bought the Vin Santo today to stew the guinea fowl in, Alessandro!!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful treat!

Gwendolyn and Family - Jul 24, 2014

What a Treat!

Chef Alessandro has the the perfect blend professional and personalized service. He cooked a delicious meal at the villa we rented (La Casa dei Fiordalisi in Trequanda) for 15 people (fresh pasta, grilled meats, grilled veggies, fresh fruit and ice cream) and true to his word, all we had to do was set the table - everything else was taken care of through to clean-up and all with a smile. We also took advantage of his offer for a mixed wine selection which was waiting for us upon arrival. He also accepts credit cards which was very much appreciated.

Lisa Dimoulas - Jul 17, 2014

President, ConsultNorth

Fabulous meals, service and hospitality with Chef Alessandro. He prepared ravioli and multiple courses of fresh Italian food under the admiring eyes of my four grandsons and other family members, and orchestrated a delightful evening for 18 people. Kitchen was cleaner when he left than when he arrived. Local wine selections were well-chosen. The whole meal delighted both grownups and kids. Alessandro provided the perfect solution to enjoying a family gathering without the work of shopping, cooking and cleanup.

Sarah Barton - Jul 17, 2014

Party time

When we stayed in Tuscany fo celebrate Edwin┬┤s 50th anniversary we invited Allessandro to Casa Parva for a cooking lesson. In the morning we shopped at a local market, very much enjoyed the cooking leasson and had a lovely lunch together. We experienced a very fine day and Alessandro teached us the intricacies of the Italian cusine. Alessandro is a very nice guy, reliable, easy going and last but not least a professional in cooking. We will certainly contact him when we\'re back in Tuscany.

Astrid de Craen van - Jun 25, 2014

Fabulous food and a fun time

Recently, a group of 9 friends attended a cooking class with Chef Alessandro. We made a wonderful meal of braised beef, handmade pici with aglione sauce, spinach flan and panna cotta with strawberry sauce. It was a good time cooking with him and especially rolling out the pici. The next night, he came to our villa and cooked a wonderful meal for the 16 of us. We enjoyed our experiences with Chef Alessandro a great deal and would recommend him highly.

Monica Radakovich - Jun 13, 2014

Wonderful meals.

We rented a villa in Trequanda and asked Chef Alessandro to make us a fish dinner one night. It was amazingly good. It was tons of fun watching him make the ravioli. He is lots of fun to watch and talk with. He is a natural performer. And then we got to eat. The ravioli had white fish and potatoes inside and was topped with the best calamari I have ever had. The ravioli was certainly the best pasta dish I have ever tasted. Everything else was good a also, but the ravioli was divine. That was so good we invited Alessandro back 2 days later. The ravioli was pear. Once again it was wonderful. The 1st course was an artichoke flan. OMG. I want to come back and have him fix a meat meal! The man has great talent.

Gene Hart - Mar 14, 2014

It was superb

We had the pleasure of hiring chef Alessandro to give a short cooking lesson in the spring of 2013 when we rented a farmhouse outside Bagno Vignoni. He was so good, knowledgeable and personable that we invited him back three more times! He provided interesting menus, spent around four hours with us and shared his recipes. The value for the lesson and quality meal was superb.

Diane and Paul - Jan 07, 2014

Thank you

It was a great experience - The kids enjoyed it and we had a delicious dinner on both occasions. Enjoy the eat of summer. Regards

Sharlene - Jul 10, 2013

Authentically Delicious

For one week in September 2012 I had the pleasure of having Alessandro as my personal chef (well, as part of a group of painters). His food was delectable and fresh and, as I sat down to eat, made me feel as though I had had the pleasure of shopping in the wonderful Italian markets that dot the landscape of Tuscany. I have tried two of the recipes on his app and they are easy to use with clear instructions and relatively simple ingredient lists. Even if I can't get pecorino cheese that is quite as good as that in Tuscany, the finished dishes do transport me back to the hill towns that I enjoy so much. Grazie mille.

Ginny - Jun 09, 2013

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