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Tuscan Chef reopens as take away and delivery

Every Friday Morning I will deliver some prepepared food to the grocery shop in Montisi. Lasagne, stuffed turkey roll, eggplant parmigiana, rabbit, bean soup, suces and much more will be available on a weekly rotation.
We start this Friday 22nd of May with tripe Florentine style and the stuffed turkey breast.

It is also possible to book take away food directly at Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen.
In addition, a special 3-4 courses menu will be proposed during the weekend, available on reservation. The menu will be desplayed on the door and posted on facebook, twitter and instagram.
Home-made pasta on request as well.

Reservations must be placed 2 days in advance.
We accept reservations starting from Friday the 22nd for the follwoing weeks.

3920818641 calls and whatsapp email

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